White Wind Zen Community

A Community practising and teaching Dogen’s Zen since 1985

Zen Boxes: Art Installation: 3 Zazenshin

wood & acrylic presentation box for liquor, acrylic paint

The Point of Practice

by Eihei Dogen Kigen zenji

The Awakend One's essential function
is the functioning essence of the Ancestors.

It manifests Before Thinking
and accomplishes without obstacle.

Manifesting Before Thinking,
its manifestation is inherent intimacy.

Accomplishing without obstacle
it completes itself inherently.

Its manifestation inherently intimate,
it is always Stainless and undefiled.

Completing itself inherently,
it is beyond all up or down.

This Stainless and undefiled intimacy
drops itself without losing anything.

Complete and byond duality
it penetrates without effort.

Water is clear right through to the earth:
the fish swims like a fish.

The sky's vastness penetrates the heavens;
the bird flies like a bird.

(Kosso-Horin-ji, March 18th 1242)

  • wood & acrylic presentation box for liquer 9 ¼" by 8" by 4 ¼"
  • acrylic paint
  • blown glass fish
  • fabricated fabric fish
  • shells
  • coral
  • fabricated bird with feathers from monastery pigeons
  • crab claw
  • limestone with fossils from Bonnechere Caves.