White Wind Zen Community

A Community practising and teaching Dogen’s Zen since 1985

Ven. Mishin Roelofs ino

Ven. Mishin Roelofs ino has been a student of the Roshi's since 1998 and is a fully-ordained monastic. Following the October 2000 Daruma-ki O-sesshin, Mishin ino received postulant monastic vows, and began training in the monastic post of tenzo-anja in January 2001. She received novice monk's vows in October 2001 and Transmission as a practice advisor during the March 2002 sesshin. She began training in the monastic post of Shuso on May 22nd, 2003 and received ordination as a full monastic on October 10th, 2003. On July 18th, 2004 she began training in the monastic training post of Chiden. On January 1st, 2007, she began training in the monastic training post of Tando.

On December 8th, 2008, she completed five years of training as a full monastic and became taiko (a monastic senior). On April 15, 2012, she was appointed to the training post of Ino by the Roshi and became Ven. Mishin ino.

You can read her Dharma Talks here: www.wwzc.org/dharma-texts

She is also the administrator and treasurer of WWZC, and librarian of WWZC Archives.

Mishin ino has a background in international development and global health research. She spent several years living in Japan and China, and currently works with community health researchers in Sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean, and Europe to improve HIV care and strengthen health systems.