White Wind Zen Community

A Community practising and teaching Dogen’s Zen since 1985

Ven. Jinmyo Renge osho-ajari

Ven. Jinmyo Renge osho standing in the garden at Dainen-ji

Jinmyo Renge osho-ajari is a Dharma-successor of Zen Master Anzan Hoshin's Lineage. She received Shiho Transmission from the Roshi on December 8th, 2001.

Jinmyo osho has been a student of the Roshi since 1990 and is a fully ordained monk of the Northern Mountain Order. She presented the monthly Introduction to Zen Workshops from 1993 until 2010. In addition to providing instruction to Sangha members practising at the monastery in Ottawa she corresponds by email with a large number of students practising in other parts of the world. She is responsible for presenting and organizing many resources such as the Retreat Handbook and other materials.

As well as bearing a vast range of responsibilities within the Sangha, has trained in the time-honoured post of Tenzo since 1991 and has trained students in oryoki practice since 1992. While serving in the training posts of Shuso, Ino and Godo, her responsibilities included overseeing Great Matter Publications and White Wind Zen Community Archives, as well as the duplication, preservation and transcription of our extensive collection of recorded teisho, Dharma Talks and classes. She has produced weekly issues of the Sangha electronic newsletter, "The eMirror" since 1998 and updates our Website each week. She worked with Anzan Hoshin roshi on the translation of the Bonmokyo (Bramajala sutra), on the Ten Grave and 48 Supporting Precepts.

Her Dharma Talks reveal the humour, strength and vulnerability characteristic of deep practice.

Previous to acceptance as a formal student by the Roshi in 1990, Jinmyo osho's background included long study in Sufism, Islam, Hinduism and the Gurdjieff Work. She was a close student of the Sufi master M.R. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen and was trained as an instructor of the Gurdjieff Movements through the Foundation in New York.