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The Straight Path

Zen Teachings on the Foundations of Mindfulness

by Ven. Anzan Hoshin roshi

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Softcover (6"×9", 156 pages): CAD $20.00 + shipping

The Straight Path is the practice of our own experiencing, the path that presents itself with every moment of our lives.

In this volume, Zen Master Anzan Hoshin plumbs the depths and distills the essence of the ocean of Dharma and presents us with a detailed map of the pathless path of Zen practice. From beginning instruction in zazen and kinhin through a detailed commentary on the Satipatthana sutta, the essential classic of Buddhist practice, given during a seven-day sesshin for monks and formal students, the relationships between concentration, mindfulness, insight, and realization are presented with rare humour, subtlety, and practicality. Following this, the Roshi unfolds yet more radical issues of the practice of realization and then finally circles back to teisho on Dogen zenji's "Fukanzazengi" or "How Everyone Can Sit". Whether a beginner, a hardcore meditator, or a scholar, a practitioner of Zen, Theravadin vipassana, or Mahamudra, the reader will find the Straight Path cuts through complexity and strategy and provides that which is needed to clarify the more often than not confused presentations that are the products of today's spiritual marketplace.