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Zerbu Dunpa (Qi Ding, Shichi Kugi): Seven Nails

by Sri Simha daiosho 師子

the 24th Ancestor of Zen in India

translated by Anzan Hoshin roshi

Sri Simha

I proclaim the perfection of primordial Knowing
as the indivisibility of radiance and Openness.
Awareness pervades all,
is always open without sides.
Penetrating through the ground of immovability
with these seven great nails through the narrow paths
of the circuit of conditioned experience
and freedom from it,
the joy that is always so arises within my mind.

Nail together conditions and unconditioned with the unobstructed clarity of Knowing.

Nail together intelligence and objects of inherent radiance.

Nail together mind and matter with the spontaneous stainless essence.

Nail together nihilism and eternalism with freedom from  fixated views.

Nail together forms and the nature of forms with the transcendence of Awareness beyond forms.

Nail together excitation and torpor, liberating the totality of the senses.

Nail together appearances and Openness with the primordial perfection of the Body of Reality.