White Wind Zen Community

A Community practising and teaching Dogen’s Zen since 1985


Journal of the White Wind Zen Community

Zanmai Double Issue 9 & 10, published in autumn of 1992 and Zanmai 11 published in Winter 1993, are now available to download. The publication includes transcripts of teisho, dharma talks, Zen arts classes, poems, photographs, excerpts from students' letters and book reviews. The journals, "Zanmai", first published in 1989 and "Absolute Zero", a publication which followed, are interesting historically and provide an opportunity to explore the honesty, sincerity, vigour and humour of the White Wind Zen Community. One can appreciate that a great deal of effort went into producing and distributing such a bright, well presented publication without the technology we use today. Few actual paper copies of "Zanmai" or "Absolute Zero" exist so the publications are being scanned and converted to electronic PDF files by Fushin and Chunen angya to make them available to students. More will be available in the coming weeks.

Zanmai 9-10, Autumn 1992 (PDF 16.79MB)
Zanmai 11, Winter 1993 (PDF 9.48MB)