Zen Boxes: Art Installation: 16 Pecking and Tapping

Egg with Anzan roshi on top and Shikai inside

Hekiganroku 16

translated by Anzan Hoshin roshi

A monk said to Jingquing, I am pecking from the inside; will
you tap from the outside?

Jinqiung said, Will you live or not?

The monk said, If I could not attain life, I would become a

Jinqing said, You are just another man in the weeds.

  • plastic box 8" by 5 ½" by 4"
  • nest of woven twigs 5" by 5"
  • photos by Shikai O-sensei of:
    - Anzan roshi
    - self
    - Butsudan at Daijozan
  • commemorates receiving of first monk's vows