White Wind Zen Community

A Community practising and teaching Dogen’s Zen since 1985

Upcoming Events


Chanting of the Precepts will take place on April 14th and April 28th.

Fusatsu (J) literally “Chanting together”, a practice of aligning with and renewing the Bodhisattva Precepts for monastics and formal students is usually held on or near new and full moon days on a Wednesday and is practised during the 6:00 am formal sitting in the Hatto.

Hanamatsuri Two-day Sesshin

The Hanamatsuri two-day sesshin will begin on Friday, April 9th at 8:00 p.m., and will end on Sunday, April 11th at 6:00 p.m.


Hanamatsuri, the "Festival of Flowers" commemorating the birth of Sakyamuni Buddha is on April 14th.


The Roshi is currently in an extended period of "self-isolation" due to underlying health issues until the COVID-19 situation clarifies.

Beginning Instruction in Zen Practice

For information concerning our Long-distance Training Program, please visit this Web Page: https://wwzc.org/long-distance-training-program