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Recorded Teachings Curriculum

by Ven. Mishin godo

updated May 25th, 2012

The recorded teisho library offers students a vast treasury of instruction in the Dharma. The library contains many of the thousands of teisho, Dharma Talks and classes presented by Zen Master Anzan Hoshin, as well as Dharma Talks and mondo presented by Ven. Shikai Zuiko o-sensei, Ven. Jinmyo Renge sensei and practice advisors. Listening to these recordings is part of developing an understanding of practice and familiarizing yourself with the Teachings of the Buddhas and Awakened Ancestors.

Recorded Teachings Curriculum

With so much to choose from, students often wonder where to begin or what to listen to next. As a starting point, students can work through the associate student teisho curriculum or the general student teisho curriculum listed below. New students should begin with the series, "Before Thinking: Foundations of Zen Practice", and then follow the rest of the curriculum. Please make a copy of the teisho curriculum and keep it on your computer to keep track of the teisho series you have listened to.

How often should you listen to teisho?

If you are sitting once a week, listen to one teisho per month. If you are sitting several times a week, listen to one teisho a week. If you are sitting at least once a day every day, listen to two teisho a week. It is best to set a schedule for listening to teisho, rather than leaving it up to whether or not you "feel" like hearing a recording.

Thank you.

Ven. Mishin godo
Librarian, White Wind Zen Community Archives
mishin at gmail dot com

Associate Student Teisho Curriculum

  1. Before Thinking
  2. The Posture of Practice
  3. Sitting and Walking
  4. Thinking About Not Thinking
  5. The Tiny Book of Stopping and Looking
  6. The Meaning of Mindfulness
  7. The Point of the Posture and What It Points To
  8. The Touchstone
  9. Sitting Up Straight
  10. Monkey in the House of Six Windows
  11. Being Breathed
  12. Simple Minded
  13. Is There a Problem?
  14. Choice
  15. The Circle
  16. Dongshan's Hot and Cold
  17. Measureless
  18. Mind the Gap
  19. Freedom and Tyranny
  20. The Point of Wisdom: Minding Your Own Bodymind
  21. Birth, Old Age, Sickness and Death
  22. Flowers and Worms
  23. Mula Paryiya Sutta
  24. Aligned with the Way
  25. The Activity of the Primordial Mirror
  26. Wild Horse of Mind
  27. The Four Noble Truths
  28. The Four Great Vows
  29. What Does it Take to Become Buddha?
  30. Responsibility
  31. The Eightfold Path
  32. The Unborn
  33. Eight Awarenesses
  34. This World of Ten Directions
  35. Zazen: The Practice of Realization
  36. Four Dhyanas
  37. Hekiganroku 14: Yunmen's "A Right Word"
  38. Mind Cannot be Grasped
  39. Realm of Appearances
  40. The Wheel of Becoming
  41. Traps and Cages Spring Open
  42. Zen Arts: The Flowering of the Senses
  43. Vain and Vanished
  44. Snake's Head Soup
  45. Stainless
  46. Expect to be Surprised
  47. Virya - Exertion
  48. The Bridge
  49. Dealing With the Demon
  50. Freefall
  51. Life and Death and All That
  52. Lineage
  53. Zen is Not Kidding
  54. The Forms of Attention
  55. Maintaining the Way
  56. Braising the Mind of the Way
  57. The Dragon in His Waters, the Tiger in Her Mountains
  58. Return to the Root

General Student Teisho Curriculum

  1. Remembering Reality
  2. Studying the Mystery
  3. Living With This Breath
  4. Immo: Suchness
  5. Shodoka by Yoka Daishi
  6. Development of Buddhist Psychology
  7. Bodymind of the Way
  8. Landscape of Reality
  9. Painting Reality
  10. Bodhidharma's Eyes
  11. Round and Bright
  12. Playing with Space
  13. Five Fingers, Ten Directions
  14. Turning the Wheel of the Way
  15. Bright Right Through
  16. Bowing and Receiving
  17. The Thread of the Buddhas
  18. Essentially Real
  19. Without Difficulty
  20. Wandering on Medicine Mountain