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Medicine Mountain

Recorded Sayings and Doings of Zen Master Yaoshan Weiyan

compiled and translated by Ven. Anzan Hoshin roshi

Ebook: PDF 547K
Book: draft edition*, 8.5" by 11", 30 pages, saddle stitch binding with colour cover

The old Buddha Yaoshan Weiyan inherited the Dharma from the old Buddha Shitou Xiqian. This makes him in the ninth generation of the Transmission of the Zen Lineage in China. Yaoshan’s Dharma heir Yunyan Tansheng passed on the Transmission to Dongshan Liangjie whose Teachings were so vast and rich that he is regarded as the founder of one of the Five Chan Houses, the Caodong. Eventually this was passed from Tiantong Rujing to Eihei Dogen who established it in Japan. And eventually this was passed from Joshu Dainen roshi to myself. As I write this, there are two Dharma holders who carry the Transmission, Shikai Zuiko and Jinmyo Renge. I bow before all of these old Buddhas, these Daiosho.

In trying to speak of Yaoshan’s Teachings to monastics and lay students, I was unable to find a collection of his sayings and doings such as the Dongshan yulu, the Zhaozhou yulu, the Yunmen yulu and so on. However, throughout the ancient Transmission of the Lamp histories and in other classical sources there were many sections and passages where Yaoshan was up to tricks, doing the work of the Way. I have collected whatever I have been able to find and present them here. I hope that Yaoshan’s humour and wisdom are clear to you and that they make clearer for you who you are.

Spring rain explodes in the air.

The budded branches sway in the wind.

Standing out in the open,

How can you not get wet?


*Draft editions are made available so that you can make use of them before the formal publications take place. Slight variations might occur between them and the final published editions. They are not to be reproduced in any form without prior permission.