White Wind Zen Community

A Community practising and teaching Dogen’s Zen since 1985

Jo-gyo-bon: the Practice of Purity

translated by Ven. Anzan Hoshin roshi and Ven. Shikai Zuiko O-sensei

Then the wakeful one All-Pervasive Knowledge asked Manjusri, who was open to Openness, "How should wakeful ones unfold activities of body, speech, and mind without fault? How should they unfold activities of body, speech, and mind that do not harm? How should they unfold blameless activities of body, speech, and mind? How should they unfold invulnerable activities of body, speech, and mind? How should they unfold activities of body, speech, and mind which do not fall back? How should they unfold unshakable activities of body, speech, and mind? How should they unfold excellent activities of body, speech, and mind? How should they unfold unblemished activities of body, speech, and mind? How should they unfold stainless activities of body, speech, and mind? How should they unfold activities of body, speech, and mind that are guided by perfect knowing? 

"How should they unfold arising in the right circumstances, among good people, with complete physical capacities and clear mindfulness, understanding, complete in conduct, fearlessness, and awareness? 

"How should they unfold excellent, foremost, peerless, immeasurable, incalculable, inconceivable, incomparable, unfathomable and inexpressible investigation? 

"How should they unfold the strength of good roots, of aspiration, skillful means, the power of the recognition of context and content; the five strengths: confidence, thoroughness, mindfulness, harmony, and perfect knowing; and the four bases of subtle perception: determination, consciousness, effort, investigation? 

"How should they unfold skill in discerning the elements, aggregates. and sense bases, skill in understanding interdependent emergence, skill in understanding the three conditional realms of desire, form, and nothingness, and skill in understanding the three measures of past, present, and future? 

"How should they thoroughly practise the seven factors of awakening: mindfulness, investigation, exertion, joyfulness, calm, concentration, and equanimity? How should they unfold openness, signlessness, non-obsessiveness? How should they fulfill the perfections: generosity, integrity, flexibility, exertion, practice, and perfect knowing? How should they fulfill kindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity? 

"How should they unfold the energy of knowing what is true and what is not, the energy of knowing the consequences of events, the energy of knowing the inclinations of beings, the energy of knowing the various styles of beings, the energy of knowing the capacities of beings, the energy of knowing the destinations of all paths of practice, the energy of knowing the obscurations, deviations, and clarification of all practices and meditative states, the energy of knowing one's own past existences, the energy of knowing future existences, and the energy of knowing the ending of all outflows? 

"How should they always gain the protection, respect, and support of shining sovereigns, dragon sovereigns, sovereigns of the forest spirits, sovereigns of celestial musicians, sovereigns of violent shining beings, sovereigns of bird-like creatures, sovereigns of horse-headed beings, sovereigns of serpentine creatures, sovereigns of humans, and sovereigns of the highest beings? 

"How should they be a reliance and liberator, a refuge and resort, a lamp and a light, an illuminator and a guide, a supreme and universal leader for all sentient beings? 

"How should they become foremost and greatest, excellent and supreme, sublime and most wonderful, highest and unexcelled, incomparable and peerless among all sentient beings?" 

Manjusri said to All-Pervasive Knowledge, "Excellent, child of the Awakened Ones! Your question has arisen from the aspiration to benefit many, to bring peace to many, out of concern for the world, to benefit and gladden celestial and human beings. Child of the Awakened Ones, if wakeful ones use their minds skillfully, they can unfold all supreme qualities, can have unobstructed understanding of all the Teachings of Awakening, can remain on the Path of the Buddhas of the three measures of time without straying from it even while living in the midst of sentient beings, can comprehend the characteristics of all things, cut through all contraction and fulfill all that is expansive. They will be excellent in embodiment like Samantabhadra, they will be able to fulfill all of their vows, will be free in all ways, and will be guides for all sentient beings. How should they use their minds so as to unfold all these supreme wonderous qualities? 

Wakeful ones who are at home should raise the aspiration, 

"May all beings

Realize the nature of 'home' is empty
And release its limitations." 

In serving their parents, 

"May all beings

Serve the Awakened,

Sheltering and nourishing everyone." 

When with spouses and children, 

"May all beings

Be unbiased toward everyone
And always release clinging." 

When attaining their goals, 

"May all beings

Pull out the arrow of craving
And realize utter serenity." 

On festive occasions 

"May all beings
Enjoy Reality,

Realizing amusement is not real." 

If in the rooms of palaces, 

"May all beings

Enter the highest life,

Always free of the stain of craving." 

If putting on adornments, 

"May all beings

Release false embellishments
And come to abide in Reality." 

When ascending a balcony, 

"May all beings

Tower as Reality,

Seeing the panorama of everything." 

When giving something away, 

"May all beings

Be able to release everything
With hearts free of clinging." 

When in gatherings or crowds, 

"May all beings

Release compounded things

And unfold knowing the nature of all knowns." 

If in danger and difficulty, 

"May all beings

Have freedom,

And be always unobstructed." 

When they move past householder's life, 

"May all beings

Have no hindrance in 'leaving home,'
And their hearts be free." 

Entering the monastery,

"May all beings
Display the various standards
Of being without struggle." 

Going to advisors and teachers, 

"May all beings

Skillfully attend to their teachers
And practice the ways of virtue." 

Requesting ordination, 

"May all beings

Reach the phase of 'no turning back,'
And their intelligence be unhindered." 

Shedding the clothing of householders, 

"May all beings

Cultivate roots of expansiveness
Free from the yoke of wrong action." 

When shaving their hair, 

"May all beings

Leave behind self-grasping forever
And enter into no birth and no death." 

Donning monastic robes, 

"May all beings

Have stainless intelligence

And fulfill the Way of the Great Sage." 

When they formally 'leave home,' 

"May all beings

'Leave home' with the Awakened One
And liberate self and other." 

Taking refuge in the Buddha, 

"May all beings

Continue the Lineage of the Buddhas,
Raising the unsurpassable aspiration." 

Taking refuge in the Teachings, 

"May all beings

Enter fully into the Discourses

And their perfect knowing be as deep as the sea." 

Taking refuge in the Harmonious Community, 

"May all beings

Harmonize the multitudes,

So that all become free from obstruction." 

When receiving novice precepts, 

"May all beings

Practice discipline

And not act out of corruption." 

Receiving guidance from an advisor, 

"May all beings

Deport themselves with dignity
And their actions be truthful." 

Receiving instruction from their teacher, 

"May all beings

Enter unborn Knowing
And arrive at liberation." 

Receiving the complete precepts, 

"May all beings

Fulfill the practices of freedom

And master the ultimate Teaching." 

When entering a hall, 

"May all beings

Ascend to the ultimate sanctuary
And rest, at ease and unshakable." 

When setting out a place to sit, 

"May all beings

Unfold the flower of virtues

And understand their own clarity." 

Sitting up straight, 

"May all beings

Be seated on the throne of Awareness,
Their intelligence disentangled." 

Crossing the legs, 

"May all beings

Have strong roots of virtue
And unfold the immovable." 

Practising clarity, 

"May all beings

Settle their minds in clarity
Until nothing is left behind." 

Practicing insight, 

"May all beings

See Reality as it is,

Always free of the struggle of opposing it." 

When uncrossing the legs, 

"May all beings

Observe that all activities and things
Resolve into falling away, vanishing." 

Lowering the feet and resting, 

"May all beings

Unfold freedom of attention
And rest at ease, unstirred." 

Raising the legs, 

"May all beings

Leave the sea of birth and death
And ripen all virtues." 

Putting on lower garments, 

"May all beings

Bear fundamental goodness
And a sense of responsibilty." 

When putting on a belt, 

"May all beings

Gather roots of virtue

And not loosen and lose them." 

Putting on outer garments,

"May all beings
Unfold unexcelled foundations of virtue,
Arriving at the Other Shore of the Teaching." 

Putting on the kesa, 

"May all beings

Come forward

And unfold equanimity." 

Taking a toothstick in hand, 

"May all beings

Realize complete Reality

And enter spontaneous purity." 

When chewing on the toothstick, 

"May all beings

Have the eye-teeth of wisdom,
And bite through all delusion." 

When going to the toilet, 

"May all beings

Release passion, aggression, and stupidity,
And wipe away wrong action." 

Washing up afterward, 

"May all beings

Quickly go

Past the edge of the mundane." 

When washing the body, 

"May all beings

Be pure and harmonious,

Ultimately there are no defilements." 

Washing the hands in water, 

"May all beings

Have pure and clean hands

To receive and hold the Teachings of Awakening." 

Washing the face with water, 

"May all beings

Enter the nature of equanimity
And realize stainlessness." 

Picking up a walking-staff, 

"May all beings

Raise the great work of benefit
And point out the true path." 

Taking up the almsbowl, 

"May all beings

Perfect the vessel of truth

Together with the activities of humans and shining ones." 

Setting out on the road, 

"May all beings

Go where the Buddhas have gone,
The realm of leaning upon nothing." 

When on the road, 

"May all beings

Move in the stainless realm of Reality,
Unobstructed Knowing." 

Seeing an uphill road, 

"May all beings

Always climb above the usual,
Their minds free from wavering." 

Seeing a downhill road, 

"May all beings

Be unassuming in intention

And establish foundations of virtue." 

Seeing a twisting road, 

"May all beings

Abandon false paths

And always clarify narrow views." 

Seeing a straight road, 

"May all beings

Be straightforward in intention,
With no obsequiousness or deceit." 

Seeing a dusty road, 

"May all beings

Shake away the dust of defilement
And unfold purity." 

Seeing a road free of dust, 

"May all beings

Always practise great compassion,

With hearts that refresh and mature all." 

Seeing a dangerous road, 

"May all beings

Abide in the realm of what is true

And escape the distress of wrong actions." 

Seeing a gathering of people, 

"May all beings

Display the profound Teaching,

So that all may gather in harmony." 

Seeing a tall tree, 

"May all beings

Shed the struggle of self-righteousness
And be free of pettiness and aggression." 

Seeing a grove, 

"May all beings

Be worthy of the respect

Of shining beings and of humans." 

Seeing high mountains, 

"May all beings'

Roots of virtue stand forth,

Their summits above all grasping." 

Seeing thorn trees, 

"May all beings

Quickly cut through

The thorns of passion, aggression, and stupidity." 

Seeing trees heavy with leaves,

"May all beings
Form a canopy of light

From changeless liberation." 

Seeing flowers in bloom, 

"May all beings'

Subtle perceptions of wonder
Blossom forth like flowers." 

Seeing trees in bloom, 

"May all beings

Have flower-like features,
And be marked with nobility." 

Seeing fruits, 

"May all beings

Fulfill the consummate Teaching

And realize the Way of Awake Awareness." 

Seeing a vast river, 

"May all beings

Enter the stream of Reality,

Flowing into the ocean of Awake Awareness." 

Seeing a reservoir, 

"May all beings

Wake up right now to

The truth of the seamlessness of the Buddhas." 

Seeing a pond, 

"May all beings

Be eloquent in speech
And skillful in teaching." 

Seeing a well, 

"May all beings

Have the capacity to clarify
And so elucidate all things." 

Seeing a spring, 

"May all beings'

Skillful means increase

And roots of virtue never wither." 

Seeing a bridge, 

"May all beings
Be like a bridge
And bear all across to freedom." 

Seeing flowing water, 

"May all beings

Unfold clear determination

To wash away delusory stains." 

Seeing a garden, 

"May all beings

Clear away the weeds of fixation
From the garden of the senses." 

Seeing a forest of "sorrowless" trees, 

"May all beings

Leave behind greed and lust forever
And not give rise to anxiety and fear." 

Seeing a park, 

"May all beings

Follow the ways of practice

Which move into unfolding as Awake Awareness." 

Seeing people wearing adornments 

"May all beings

Be adorned with the Buddha's
Thirty-two marks of nobility." 

Seeing the unadorned 

"May all beings

Release elaboration
And practice simplicity." 

Seeing people obsessed with pleasure, 

"May all beings

Delight in Reality,

And be unwavering in love for it." 

Seeing those without obsession, 

"May all beings

Not incline towards fixation
On fabricated things." 

Seeing people who are happy, 

"May all beings

Always be serene and joyous,
Gladly offering to the Buddhas." 

Seeing people who suffer, 

"May all beings

Unfold knowing the essence
And expel all anguish." 

Seeing people in good health, 

"May all beings

Enter complete and perfect knowing
And be without illness or afflictions." 

Seeing people who are ill, 

"May all beings

Know the body is empty and open
And release struggle and conflict." 

Seeing people who appear to be attractive, 

"May all beings

Always have unstained confidence
In the Awakened and wakeful ones." 

Seeing people who appear to be unattractive, 

"May all beings

Be free of attachment

To any unwholesome thing." 

Seeing people who are grateful, 

"May all beings

Come to know the richness offered by
The Awakened and wakeful ones." 

Seeing people without gratitude,

"May all beings
Not add to the punishment
Of those who are hurtful." 

Seeing mendicants, 

"May all beings

Be harmonious and serene,
Training themselves thoroughly." 

Seeing aristocrats, 

"May all beings

Always keep to pure activity,
Moving past all contraction." 

Seeing ascetics 

"May all beings

By rigorous practices

Come to the Only Condition." 

Seeing people who are disciplined, 

"May all beings

Keep clear determination in practice

And not wander from the path of Awakening." 

Seeing armoured people, 

"May all beings

Be armoured with integrity,

And move to the state beyond learning." 

Seeing people unarmed, 

"May all beings

Always be free of

Acting out of contraction." 

Seeing people debate, 

"May all beings

Be able to counter
All inverted views." 

Seeing people of right livelihood, 

"May all beings

Succeed in right livelihood

Never needing to do what should not be done." 

Seeing a king, 

"May all beings

Become sovereigns of Reality,

Always displaying the Teaching of Truth." 

Seeing a prince, 

"May all beings

Be born in the truth

And be children of Awakening." 

Seeing the elderly, 

"May all beings

Be able to decisively cut through
And not follow contracted conduct." 

Seeing a high minister, 

"May all beings

Always practise right mindfulness
And all their activities be true." 

Seeing a castle, 

"May all beings

Be strong and firm in body
And tireless in mind." 

Seeing a capital, 

"May all beings

Gather all qualities of virtue

And always be delighted and joyful." 

Seeing someone in a forest, 

"May all beings

Be worthy of the honor and acclaim
Of shining beings and of humans." 

Entering a village to beg for alms, 

"May all beings

Enter the profound realm of Reality,
Without obstructions of attention." 

Coming to someone's door, 

"May all beings

Enter all Gates

Of Awake Awareness." 

Entering a house, 

"May all beings

Enter the vehicle of Awakening as Awareness,
Always equal throughout all times." 

Seeing those who refuse to make offerings, 

"May all beings

Never turn from

The ways of supreme virtue." 

Seeing those who make offerings, 

"May all beings

Forever abandon

The three contracted paths and destinies." 

Seeing the alms-bowl empty, 

"May all beings

Be open of heart

And without afflictions." 

Seeing the alms-bowl full, 

"May all beings
Completely fulfill

All the ways of virtue." 

If treated respectfully, 

"May all beings

Respectfully practise

All the Teachings of the Buddhas." 

If treated disrespectfully, 

"May all beings

Not act in ways

That are constricted." 

Seeing people with modesty,

"May all beings
Act with discretion

And dress appropriately." 

Seeing the shameless, 

"May all beings

Go past shamelessness
And live with care for all." 

Receiving fine food, 

"May all beings

Fulfill their aspirations

And be free from envy and craving." 

Receiving poor food, 

"May all beings
Without fail receive
The taste of practice." 

Receiving soft food, 

"May all beings

Be steeped in compassion,
Their minds becoming gentle." 

Receiving coarse, hard food, 

"May all beings

Be without attachments

And cut through mundane craving." 

When eating, 

"May all beings

Be nourished by joyful practice
And filled with delight in Reality." 

When tasting, 

"May all beings

Taste utter Awake Awareness,

filled with the ambrosia of the deathless." 

When finished eating, 

"May all beings

Accomplish all tasks

And fulfill the Teachings of the Buddhas." 

When presenting the Teachings, 

"May all beings

Attain unobstructed eloquence

And display everywhere the essence of the Teachings." 

When leaving a place, 

"May all beings

Penetrate Awakened experience

And move past the three conditional realms." 

Entering a bath, 

"May all beings

Enter the knowing which knows the nature of all knowns,
Throughout the three measures of time." 

While washing the body, 

"May all beings

Purify body and mind,
Inside and out." 

In the heat of the day, 

"May all beings

Cast away countless afflictions,
Allowing them all to end." 

After the heat when the cool comes, 

"May all beings

Experience completely Reality
And their heat be cooled." 

When reciting the Discourses, 

"May all beings

Be aligned with the Teachings of the Buddhas,
Through unwavering mindfulness." 

If they should meet a Buddha, 

"May all beings

Become All-Pervasive Richness,
Dignified and adorned with all." 

Seeing a memorial site of the Buddha, 

"May all beings

Be as honored as is this shrine,

Receiving the offerings of shining ones and humans." 

Inspired by the sight of the shrine, 

"May all beings

Inspire by the sight of them

All shining beings and humans." 

Bowing their heads before the shrine, 

"May all beings

Move past the perspectives

Of shining beings and humans." 

Circumambulating the shrine, 

"May all beings

Act always without bias

And unfold knowing the nature of all knowns." 

Circling the shrine three times, 

"May all beings

Constantly see the path of Awakening as Awareness
With attention unobscured by recoil." 

Praising the virtues of the Buddhas, 

"May all beings

Fulfill all the virtues

So continuously extolled." 

Praising the marks of the Buddhas, 

"May all beings

Unfold the body of Awake Awareness
And realize formless truth." 

Washing their feet, 

"May all beings

Fulfill the bases of subtle perceptions,
Moving as unobstructedness everywhere." 

When going to sleep at night,

"May all beings
Calm all things

And uncover the stainless mind of clarity." 

Awakening from sleep, 

"May all beings

Realize each thing as it is,
Pervading the ten directions." 

"Child of the Awakened Ones, if wakeful ones use their intelligence in this way, they will unfold all supreme and wonderful qualities, which cannot be shaken away by any shining beings, demons, monks, aristocrats, celestial musicians, violent shining beings, and so on, nor by any who have only a hear-say knowledge of the Teachings or those who self-fabricate enlightened states."