White Wind Zen Community

A Community practising and teaching Dogen’s Zen for over 25 years


The White Wind Zen community has four centres providing a venue for authentic Zen practice which are all maintained under the direction of Zen Master Anzan Hoshin:

Zen Centre of Ottawa (Honzan Dainen-ji)
Guelph Barndo

Wolfville Zazenkai

Harrow Zazenkai

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Zen Centre of Ottawa (Honzan Dainen-ji)

The Zen Centre of Ottawa is the main centre and training monastery of the White Wind Zen Community. Located in a 9,700 sq. ft. heritage building in Ottawa's Sandy Hill district, the Zen Centre, also known by its monastic name, Honzan Dainen-ji, provides an environment for authentic monastic and lay Zen practice. The main practice areas of the monastery include the first floor Zendo, second floor Hatto (Dharma Hall), a Shuryo (Study Hall) with a large library, Undo (Cloud Hall) for public retreats and residential training in the completely refurbished basement, and space for monastic and lay residents on the third floor.

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240 Daly Avenue
Ottawa, Canada
K1N 6G2
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Guelph Barndo

Mill Road, Guelph, Ontario.

The Guelph Barndo was set up in 2013 to provide a place to learn and practice Zen mindfulness. The practice hall is located in a barn at the north end of Guelph and is informally called the Barndo. The Barndo is surrounded by swallows, robins, coyotes, and a few horses. Anyone wishing to learn to practice mindfulness or students visiting the area can schedule an appointment with Chunen angya by sending an email to info@wwzc.org


Wolfville Zazenkai

In August 1990, Michael Zenki Hope-Simpson (now anagarika) received authorization to establish a branch practice group in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. The Wolfville Zazenkai ("gathering together for zazen") provides an opportunity for branch members to participate in the foundations of mindfulness practice and possibly to prepare for more intensive training at Dainen-ji. Sittings are held twice weekly, on Thursday nights and Sunday mornings at our Knowlan Mountain Zendo located a few miles outside of Wolfville. The Zendo features a beautiful Mu sho brushed by the Roshi on translucent plexiglass that hangs in front of a window above the Butsudan.

382 Knowlan Mountain Road RR #1
Wolfville, Nova Scotia
B4P 2R1
(902) 542-2217
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Harrow Zazenkai

The main activity at Harrow Zazenkai is sitting - zazen. And in this context we also unfold the forms of kinhin, chanting, listening to teisho and dharma talks. We have General Sittings on Monday evenings and Formal Sittings on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday mornings and Friday evenings. Practice interviews are regularly available with Dharma Teachers and practice advisors at Dainen-ji by telephone and email. We also have the opportunity for face to face interviews with visiting practice advisors. Other sitting times and instruction in sitting posture are available by appointment. If you are interested in practicing at Harrow Zazenkai, please contact us.

Flat 3, 4 Stuart Avenue
South Harrow, Middlesex
Tel: UK 020-8422-9757
From Canada 01144-208422-9757

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